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  1. We wouldl like to welcome Damiano Baccarella, Brendan McGann and Qili Liu to our group. All three are from the University of Notre Dame. Brendan and Damiano will pursue their Ph.D. at Illinois while Qili is here as a postdoctoral scholar (8/2015)  
  6. Our research group has been awarded an STTR Phase II for investigating the impact of non-equilibrium plasmas for control of flame dynamics from the Air Force Research Laboratory (12/2014)

5. Tonghun Lee's research group in collaboration with the University of Dayton and Air Force Research Laboratory is awarded several grants to conduct alternative fuel tests for next generation gas turbine engies through the FAA Center of Excellen in Alternative Jet Fuels (ASCENT). Our research group will participate on four separate proposals through ASCENT (9/2014)

- Project #1: Testing of Advanced Combustors (with Georgia Tech, Princeton, and University of Oregon)
- Project #2: Testing of Alternative Jet Fuels in Referee Combustor (with AFRL and UDRI)
- Project #3: Overview of the ASCENT Combustion Program (with University of Dayton)
- Project #4: Establishment of an Alternative Jet Fuel Database (with UDRI and NIST)

4. Tonghun Lee's research group in collaboration with the Illinois Fire Services Institute (IFSI) and Professor Dimitri Kyritsis (Khalifa University, formerly at the University of Illinois) will work on a three year research grant to develop a laser based sensor to study the impact of humidity on fire safety. (9/2014)

3. Tonghun Lee's research group is awarded $1M research grant from Air Force Office of Scientific Research to study turbulent combustion in high Re# hypersonic flows. (9/2014)

2. Tonghun Lee's research group signs CRADA agreement for collaborative research with the Army Research Laboratory in Aberdeen Maryland. (4/2014)

1. Congratulations to Eric Mayhew for being honored with a prestigious National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG) for the next three years. (4/2013)

5. University of Illinois has been selected to part of a new FAA Center of Excellence in new alternative jet fuels and their impact on the environment. press release click here (9/2013)


4. Tonghun Lee's research group has been awarded an Air Force STTR project in collaboration with CU Aerospace to develop a simulation tool for plasma enhanced combustion. Professors Greg Elliott and Marco Panesi are Co-PIs on the project (9/2013)


3. University of Illinois has been awarded a $16 million dollar center for plasma-controlled combustion as part of the National Nuclear Security Administration, Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program Phase II (NNSA PSAAP II). Efforts will include development of advanced exascale numerical simulations to understand the impact of plasmas on flame ignition and stabilization. press release click here (8/2013)


2. First test runs with a new 50 kHz laser imaging system has successfully been completed in August at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB). Measurements of two dimensonal OH radical fields will begin in 2014. Effort is in collaboration with Dr. Campbell Carter of WPAFB. (8/2013)


1. Tonghun Lee's research group finds new home at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (6/2013).



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