FAA Alternative Jet Fuel Database to link with Europe Jetscreen

The ‘Alternative Jet Fuel Test Database’ led by our group and sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration will be linking with the database at the newly established European alternative database of Jetscreen. Jetscreen is a similar program to the FAA Center of Excellence for Alternative Jet Fuels established in Europe for both screening and integration of new jet fuels into the commercial aviation sector. We are discussing a means to link the two databases by employing a common data storage and analysis format. The effort in our group is led by Anna Oldani and Siddhartha Jahorie.

Eric, Brendan, and Dino awarded fellowships from the Army Research Laboratory

Congratulations to Eric Mayhew and Brendan McGann for being selected as ORAU Journeyman Fellows. They and will receive research funding for a year from the Army Research Laboratory. Likewise, Dino Mitsingas was awarded a ARL Pathways fellowship for the upcoming year. The fellowships will support ongoing collaborations with ARL in development of the ARC M1 and L1 gas turbine combustors as well as high fidelity X-Ray imaging at the Argonne National Laboratory.

Professor Anand Veeraragaven from Queensland visiting our group

Professor Anand Veeraragaven from the hypersonic research group at the University of Queensland in Australia will be spending two months in our research group collaborating with us on laser diagnostics in hypersonic flows.

We will investigate an optically accessible axis-symmetric inlet and combustor model in the ACT-II and apply both Rayleigh scattering imaging and/or PLIF imaging to monitor the interaction between the inlet isolator physics and the combustion dynamics.