PSAAP III: Center for Exascale Enabled Scramjet Design

CEESD Center for Scramjet Design

We are part of The Center for Exascale Enabled Scramjet Design (CEESD) aims to investigate the design of next-generation scramjet engines and aims to make breakthroughs in this emerging field at the basic science level.

It is funded for six years by a $16.5 million grant from the National Nuclear Security Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Energy. The center, one of Multidisciplinary Simulation Centers funded through NNSA’s Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program III, comprises of researchers from Illinois and government agencies.

The Center is part of the Coordinated Science Laboratory, a multidisciplinary research laboratory, the Parallel Computing Institute and is a joint initiative between the Lab and Illinois’ Computational Science & Engineering program.

Our research group will provide key experimental data for the simulation efforts concerning scramjet combustor flowpaths using the ACT-II facility. This effort will encompass both fundamental axis-geometric flow geometries as well as practical material testing.

The link to the main CEESD site is provided here: Link