Mesoscale Array Combustor: Next-Gen Gas Turbine Technology

Welcome to the Laboratory for Advanced Propulsion and Energy Research

We study the chemistry and flow physics relevant to reactive flows for advanced propulsion and power generation systems with a focus on high-speed airbreathing flight (supersonic, hypersonic, space entry), sustainable aviation, and compact UAV gas turbines. We deploy many scientific tools including laser and optical diagnostics, numerical modeling and simulations, and machine learning based optimization and analysis. We work closely with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Sandia National Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory to understand the fundamental science and their impact on future technologies.

Our group is part of the following research programs:

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Our ARC-M1 Combustor featured by Argonne National Laboratory

The ARC-M1 Combustor which was designed and built in our research group (Dr. Eric Wood) has been featured by Argonne National Laboratory. We have been working with Argonne’s supercomputing team and the Army Research Laboratory to develop and also model the M1 combustor for the past two years. The M1 combustor serves to both investigate … Continue reading Our ARC-M1 Combustor featured by Argonne National Laboratory

M1 Gas Turbine Campaign at Argonne APS Complete

Students Eric Wood and Caleb Trotter along with Dr. Eric Mayhew (ARL) and Dr. Alan Kastengren (Argonne) successfully completed the recent campaign at the Argonne Advanced Photon Source to carry out X-ray radiography in the M1 gas turbine combustor. Current tests were geared towards understanding lean blow out and ignition physics at high altitude conditions … Continue reading M1 Gas Turbine Campaign at Argonne APS Complete