Mechanical Science & Engineering

The Laser Diagnostics Lab is part of the Mechanical Science and engineering Department on the main campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne. The labs are located in room 206, 101, and 120 of the Mechanical Engineering Building (MEB).

MEB is a synergistic research and development center, bringing together researchers and students who are working to address today’s and tomorrow’s scientific challenges in various sub-disciplines of mechanical engineering.

Lab 206 MEB: Fuel Technology and Laser Diagnostics Laboratory

Laser Diagnostics Laboratory

The laser diagnostics laboratory is equipped with a variety of laser and optical diagnostics equipment including high powered lasers and intensified CCD cameras for laser induced fluorescence (LIF) and planar LIF imaging, spectrometers for multi-spectral emission measurements, PIV laser and control system for particle tracking and velocimetry, infrared (IR) cameras IR thermometry, lasers for laser doppler velocimetry (LDV), high speed diode pumped Nd:YAG & dye lasers as well as high speed intensified CMOS cameras for KHz PLIF imaging. In terms of test facilities, the following are available in the Laser Diagnostics Laboratory:

  • Rapid Compression Machine with Direct Fuel Test Chamber
  • High Pressure Shock Tube Facility
  • Direct Plasma Coupled Combustors
  • GC/MS Facility
  • Array of Optically Accessible Combustors including ARC-M1 and ARC-L1 combustor
  • Navy Mesoscale Array Combustor Test Facility
  • ACT-II, a new high hypersonic arc-powered wind tunnel capable of fight relevant enthalpies of more than 2700 K and flow speeds exceeding Mach 9