Shruti and Jeongan execute Fire Safety Burns at IFSI

IFSI Fire Safety Research Campaign

The campaign was conducted at the Illinois Fire Service Institute. During the first study, held on May 2nd, 2018, real time water vapor concentration readings were taken in the non-fire room in a metal can structure at IFSI. It consisted of six scenarios of fire resulting in a wide range of water vapor and smoke concentrations. The second study, conducted on May 10th, 2018, measured water vapor concentration in the fire room in a steel and concrete ranch structure at IFSI to study the difference that the building material makes on water vapor and smoke concentrations. The fuels used for both the studies were Pallet & Straw, Pallet, Straw & OSB, and Lightweight Furniture. The fires were imaged using visible light and IR cameras and the water vapor concentration was measured using the 3-location water vapor sensor developed by Shruti Ghanekar.